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Using Beaglebone Black PRU with prussdrv on 4.1.x kernels

It took me a while to figure it out, so here some quick notes if you want to upgrade from Debian wheezy with 3.8.x kernels to the Debian jessie image for the Beaglebone Black, which comes with a 4.1-series kernel: … Continue reading

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Mac Permission Problems

If you’re trying to access a Windows Server 2008 R2 (it’s probably the same with older/newer versions) file share with your Mac and you’re seeing this error: The folder Documents can’t be open because you don’t have permission to see … Continue reading

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Stuck Evolution Calendars

If you have some calendars in Evolution which won’t disappear when you try to delete them, you can use gconf-editor (or gconftool-2 from the command line) to delete those calendars from the configuration. The information about your calendars is being … Continue reading

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Synergy on Gnome/Fedora

Quick note: If you use Synergy to control multiple machines with the same keyboard/mouse combo and your keyboard layout doesn’t work properly on the client, try matching the list of available layouts on both machines. In my case I had … Continue reading

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Synology USB Station 2

For several reasons – ranging from severe lack of space to urgent need of proper backup procedures – I finally bought one of these nice 2TB external hard drive monsters. In order to make it thoroughly geeky, I also installed … Continue reading

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Improve WordPress Twitter Tools hashtag detection

I’m currently using Twitter Tools (a WordPress plugin) for the sidebar on this blog. I noticed that it doesn’t detect all hashtags correctly and subsequently every second hashtag wouldn’t be converted to a correct link to Twitter. Fortunately Stockoverflow saved … Continue reading

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List of installed Android Apps with PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a project that aims to package WebApps (think HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, …) into native Apps for all the major mobile platforms. In contrast to just using the App in the web browser on your device it allows you … Continue reading

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Once again, it’s time.. set up a simple blog where I can dump interesting stuff so I will find it later on. Let the fun begin!

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